rediculous exhaustion…

I want to do it all.. In my mind I can do it all… Than by this time most days 3:30 pm, I am exhausted.. I have nothing else… And what I really need is time and energy for my self first off and foremost.. More caffeine? A vitamin? A nap??? ( literately am baking cookies, and made sippy cups at the end of that very sentence)  I am hoping to explore my writing like I have wanted to do since I found out my freshman year in high school I had a passion… p.s thank god for spell check…. p.p.s i am also thankful i can rant—–

Back to the topic at hand.. I wonder when the never ending piles of laundry and toddlers jumping into toilets one can possibly handle before there is complete and total SNAPPAGE?

I dont really believe that I will snap, but I do not feel like the person I am supposed to be.. Ergo.. I will try daily.. this is so the tip of the ice burg…

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