Finding a moment of…. PeaCe?

It is a perfect way to end the weekend… Brunch with mother visiting from out of town.. Clean house, 3 littles all snuggled up with me watching movies… One week till schools out for older 2 and things are looking up… Right? Yes, I’ve got everything that I need right in front of me (Muppet quote;) But, there’s always a but.. I feel like there is inner peace missing… I have lost myself somewhere in this parenting/wifey thing… My pre-family party girl self keeps trying to shine thru, but she is actually showing up as an over tired over worked mother who is trying to keep her shit together her house together her marriage together and maybe work a little as well.. She is no longer a hot 20 something with a Rockstar job and not a care in the world… She’s struggling…. She drinks too much… She try’s to eat healthy, but in exhaustion or being buzzed at the end of the day that all goes away… She spends every last drop of love and energy on the tots and in finding time to do so for herself, there is none left…..
Wow.. On paper I can see why I am ready to make the change I need too be at peace, be present for myself.. Re-energize , stop smell the roses… Love myself… Today is just one day… Ill take one at a time.. Try to be patient and laugh….


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