One step Foreward two back… Literly…

So I am back at day two… Totally exhausted.. I have a tendency to be this ADD multitasking control freak, in my head.. I don’t stop twirling from the time I get up getting 3 fairy tots off and ready.. House this bills that… Back to pick up a tot.. Shop,,lunch, naps?? It’s everything’s all good, I’m great.. Marriage is Fantanstic:-/.. I Avoid the things that lurk and linger… Stress, self doubt, lack o self esteem, kinda shitty at e moment marriage? Kids running me ragged and some where in this I have lost my spark my happiness my self… I did not drink today.. This is good… I am shooting for tomorow… My drinking is what numbs all my negative feelings/thoughts.. Also numbs me and what I am and stand for…
Day 2
Sorry if I sent twice…

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