A Fresh start to a normally Hung day…

I am totally clear headed… I normally wake up on this day with a bitch attitude and a scramble to get my shit together and Kids prepared for the day so i can work.. not Today.. I smell the spring air, and woke up to kids “dangling from the ceiling fans;)” and up way to early, but It was no big deal.. I took time to make an awesome cup o cup o, and sit here and type, and feel, and express…  I will end this day the way I started it because I deserve it.. I will ignore the fact that my second half has no interest in doing the same.. I will love him anyway, and try not to sit and stew and resent.. It is only all I have to keep myself at peace so as to not hit the low road and end this day with a drink…

inner peace is something i have always yearned for… and maybe it is not what i truly need.. I think my old (still currentish) way of self talking and bullshit of the same is not what I truly need.. I think i need to be at peace with the controlled chaos.. keep in mind that a lot is out of my hands.. My late lovely Gran R always said, “Let go and Let God”….  I can see her scribbled handwriting on that last post it note when she was 88 years old.. I always smiled, but now I  know she was right…




One thought on “A Fresh start to a normally Hung day…

  1. Right there with you. (Watching husband drink every night is a challenge and kind of lonely). At least we have our sobersphere friends. I start and end my day with a 5 minute meditation from a book of devotionals. God is helping me and most nights I thank him for another sober day and ask that he help me to get through the next day sober. It’s working so far; DAY 46. I remember the moment I realized that I couldn’t do this without God’s help and that realization was a real turning point for me.

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