So four days, eh?

Over it
4 days sober
Ok then…

3 thoughts on “So four days, eh?

  1. Hi there!

    I see you liked my blog…I like yours.
    It’s amazing the support you can find online. There are so many sober bloggers. There are great podcasts (check out The Bubble Hour) and sober support groups (check out the Booze Free Brigade)

    Day 4 is a big fucking deal! Did you know that?
    You referred to yourself in another post as a rockstar. You are, really now.
    Day 4 is rockstar material!

    I’m gonna follow you…..
    You can do this, it is hard, but you can do this….I believe in you.

  2. Thank you Thank you Thank you.. I am a mixed up pile of feelings, but waking up on Saturday with a clear and free head feels quite nice.. I hope to be the “Rockstar” in my mind.. Today I am going to give myself a break.. Enjoy little moments, and let the stupid shit roll off my back… I needed a believer today.. I am working on this so hard, and my closest person (Husbs) is saying he supports me, with his cocktail in hand.. this is hard but I have too much to loose…

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