one step forward, two back…

so i f’d it all up and gave up my two weeks for an evening of drinking vodka all by myself.. the exact thing that has had me hating and resenting life and marriage and all that bull shit… i am down today.. i am mad at my self for not having any control over my behavior.. i am edgy and bitchy and so mad.. i am starting over.. day one

day one. a letter to me…

dear me,

you must remember to be dear to your self.. hold responsibility and get the reins.. you deserve the best.. you deserve to be healthy and happy and sober… you deserve to love your self and allow others to give you love…  it is ok to fuck up once and a while, but fuck up other ways, not with the booze.. you don’t even like vodka so what the heck were you thinking.. you hate this hangover.. even though you overcompensate by working your ass of at the house and with the kids, stop! when you think to drink again, please read this.. please take care of you.. no one else can the way you can.. take it easy and remember to not be so fucking serious…

love and peace, IMG_1386


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