What I am like/not liking about me right now…

It’s hard to start with my likes.. The positive.. I’ve trained my brain and soul to feel negatively for some time now, it’s hard to get past the wo is me bull shit..
I feel like a terrible mom.. I cannot stand the sound of my voice, why do I have to yell and get short with everyone… I’m tired, and still want to drink.. I can’t stand work, cleaning, day to day, and I am just so unhappy… I cannot talk to my Husbs for shit, he does not understand nor does he want to right now.. It’s all money money money money with him right now… (I’m saving us money by kicking my 3 to 5 day a week habit..
Which reminds me what I like about me… I’m saving money.. I go to bed at a decent time waking up with out a hangover.. I am seeing details like I haven’t in sometime… Dusty floorboards, beauty in my hedges, kids getting so tall.. I un-paused my life.. I like that… And for now ill stick with that..
My family is coming to visit this weekend next, and I have to admit ill have a hard time not “partake ing” but we should see… Two weeks down… I’ll give myself two more..

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