Some reasons: A list of reasons

A list of reasons why Booze fucks it all up for me…. (P.s. on sober day 8)
*pure and utter laziness… I’d get nothing done… Ok like I’d do the fucking laundry feed 3 tots, shower get to work, repeat repeat repeat, but that’s it… I gave up my passion, my likes and dislikes cause when there was time for that I’d grab a sold bottle of white and waste(Ed) all my time and get lazy….
*the guilt and mental self mutilation…. With a clear head I can give my self a fucking break… I am not perfect… No one is I am on my own journey… Breathe in and out and love your self dammit!
*my anger stews and I push all whim love me away.. I need to eventually work on this… First ill take on loving myself first…
*monkey see monkey do.. I assume my daughters have seen mommy all happy and shiney with glass in hand…. No I don’t want them to remember me like this… I want to create a loving sober place for them, and eventually I’ll fill everyone in on the shirt that their Momma did during and after using da booze…
*closes out my feelings in my marriage… Hides resentments and issues that need to be brought to,the table… That too will come, now I’m doing this shit? Yes I am all for the better of it all!
It’s a small list, but its mine…

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