Day 8 feeling great? Eh.. Feeling shitty.. Is bleakish a word? Holidays and Husbs on vacay was a fucking test.. Good/bad news the fireworks were cut short on the 4th due to the 3rd one malfunctioning… I was on the verge of getting talked into a half of a bottle of wine from our gracious party hostess… But was “DD” for the family.. I am sure it may be time to just tell people I am not drinking, instead of feeling like shit and making up excuses..
And now to add to my crazy busy life my 16 yr old step son is coming to stay with us for a couple weeks… It actually will be best for me, the boys stay up watching movies and boy stuff an I’m not about to sit up drinking 3 bottles of wine with him around…
I am back in hibernation.. Bed early.. Snuggling with my little gals… Doing all I can to not drink…

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