Struggles and hideaways…

Super struggling.. I’m not going to drink.. But an achy heart and messy brain do not feel “normal” yet, now that i am sober… I’m used to continuing on dealing (masking) up pain with booze therefor not feeling it… But I’ve predicted that my wonderful trip gets hitched up due to Husbs stupid drinking and gambling binge.. So many levels of hurt.. Past, present and future… So sober emotions really take a toll on a gal…. I am happy to be at a safe non toxic sober hide away… But my reality looms in my future… Big changes and choices need to be made in order to protect myself and Lovelies…. Well one day at a time… Sober now…
Tomorrow I will:
Play with my beautiful daughters in this heavenly place
Not drink
Try hard to not take anything personal

2 thoughts on “Struggles and hideaways…

  1. In my earliest day of sobriety, I made sure I did 4 things every day: pray, go to a meeting (I am a member of AA), talk to another alcoholic, and not pick up a drink or drug. I didn’t even put “not take anything personal” on the list! If I did those 4 things, I considered that day a success. It was hard, really, really hard, but I promise you, it truly does get better!

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