blessed blessings…

today I am blessed.. I woke up ready to restart this journey.. I have been kicked in the face just a tad, and I cannot change or fix another living soul on this earth.. I have only myself to fix, and repair, and heal.. I have so much shit to get done.. that realizing this is in it self a blessing…  My sobriety is a HUGE thing..  I dont even believe it is real.. 25 days.. that to is a blessing.. and all my own doing.. I worked really hard for this, and will not let anyone or thing get in the way of it.. I have been tempted… I have been exhausted.. I have been stark crazy mad.. and this is a blessing.. It shows me I can feel and hurt and do all these things without masking my self with a huge goblet of white.. I am blessed to have 3 remarkable daughters who will see my true best sober self.. and one day i will be able to tell them how hard I worked for it.. and show them that they to can do anything they set their brilliant healthy minds to.. . I can see horizons.. I am making goals and futures for myself.. I am blessed.. I am thankful.. I am  honored..  I owe the world something back.. I will find out what this is in due time.. I will pray.. and pray.. and pray..  and continue to take this ride and hold on tight.. I am blessed feeling ready to be bright and shiny and healthy and happy…

4 thoughts on “blessed blessings…

  1. I can completely appreciate where you are right now, in the early days of recovery it is all about you and getting what you need to get through, it can be a painful ride, but the future benefits are amazing. Keep praying and have faith in the strength he will give you, you will get through it all.
    God Bless

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