setting goals, dreams to reality and other such things..

so out of the way was putting my self out there for any takers on pen paling with me.. so that was a goal, step jump what have you.. also cleaning the shit out of this house and dumping everything not being used is maj… so I got my younger gals room sparkly and closet cleaned of non usical clothing (shnikes the dresses these kids have) toys that dont work or aren’t used or grown out of.. all donated.. and lots dumped in dumpster.. next our room.. the closet, dressers and under bed was chaos.. its funny how you just let things go do the sheer fact that your too busy drinking or being hung.. so usually i am good at the almighty hung twirl.. meaning cleaning all surfaces from debree, funk and clutter and vacuuming and dusting and scrubbing like a maniac but as to let the closets hold scary things and perhaps beast under beds and like the sort.. I no longer feel as if a creature may climb in bet with me at night because the dust bunnies and lost socks aren’t the most comfy spot.. so that is taken care of.. next is a spooky spot in my basement which ironically has been flooded by my non working ac which we fixed and meanwhile had to dump large amounts of shit packed away for another day that i nor my family will ever really use..  bla bla bla.. i could go on with the projects i am accomplishing, but im already board with myself.. the point of the rant is that sober, i am able to really look around and under things and take care of biness

next dreams to reality.. i have some furthering of education that I am ready to accomplish and in turn will be ready to switch out to a new businessy adventure.. cool right.. only something that i have wanted to do for about 14 years now.. is funny how you get set in the same o same and forget why you chose your profession in the first place.. I am in the business of beauty.. i have let my self go.. i am damn good at what i do and even better sober and on top of this shit.. kids, husbs and drinking wine have put a bit of a stand still.. ill take my kiddos out of the mix, they are my world and everything so they inspire me to do more with myself and show them what I can do for me and they can do for them.. this is a new part of me i am finding out about.. ol me for years and years just kinda went with the flow… things happened and i did some stuff. I am not such a bad person.. just covered up all my stuff with da booze..  so this point.. taking my sober dream of starting a new businessy thing is maj.. huge! cant wait..

lastly.. just getting my health in check..  making sure I take care of this body and put good healthy things in side and use my body for healthy peaceful activities.. walking, yoga and just plain playing with the gals..



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