27 Days.. and Hunkering in to Hibernate..

What is going to get me thru?  I ask myself this because, primarily in the past I don’t quite get past the 30 day mark.. There is good news in this.. I am going to be nesting for the winter.. And this means I am organizing my little sober bubble to keep me warm and cozy to hopefully get thru the next 2 months.. I would like to keep going with this.. I have a lot I can accomplish in staying drunky free..

toys.. i have 3 little people and they come with a lot of shit.. I am going to have a keep, give and toss pile and start from the top to the bottom of this house..

paperwork.. you know you have it.. all that shit that is and has been piling up because it is much easier to stack, stash and store than deal with when you have a hangover.. yup I’m scanning and shredding..

ok this may sound silly, but socks.. again I have 3 little ones and a husbs who get their socks stolen off to grouchland.. I have a basket and I am on the hunt for the matchers..

closets.. yes i have skeletons.. but ill deal with them after i clean and organize clothes and linens and bath and body products..

this looks good a months wort of busy work.. that will take me to December.. and I will be slammed at work, and prepping for Xmas.. This looks like a plan.. a Big picture plan..

now the next 7 days I have to sleep a lot.. reward myself often with special treats.. and avoid drinking at all costs..




5 thoughts on “27 Days.. and Hunkering in to Hibernate..

  1. Lex, I’m following you and I am so inspired by you. I’m 54, mum of two boys, one at school, one left and doing well, husband doing well but drinking too much. I’m really not happy with the amount I drink. I live in Dubai … bit of a cliche

    • Wow! Me inspiring… I appreciate the kind words, and need all the help I can get.. It is hard to sober up and do it with the closest one we know and love is struggling.. Lets keep in touch we can do this together! I have had many day ones, and I hope to not go back there..

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