A 3 kinda day..

Third day after hitch in my giddy up… Three kids to stay sober for.. Three months goal to get me in the sober clear.. Three days till Saturday.. Three years i have been trying desperately to get sober and stay that way..  I’m pretty sure I work three hours tonight.. I am going to give my self better sober treats every three days..

I can go on.. everything is everything.. I am holding strong.. It literately took me three days to be un-hungover.. that shit sucked.. I am hoping I can remember that next time I think it is Ok to reach for another drink..

I am back and ready for the fight.. Holidays kinda suck for me.. booze and family go together like peanut butter and jelly in my life.. I am sticking close to my little home with my kids and still trying to detach from drinky husband.. this is hard work..

but I am here..

8 thoughts on “A 3 kinda day..

  1. It took me about 3 to 4 days to get over the hangover I had when I slipped one night around 5.5. months sober. That shit is real! We can’t drink like we used to, especially after long bouts of drinking to excess (it’s called sensitization), and even more so after a long bout of sobriety. My slip taught me that, it’s better to feel crappy for a day, or like utter hell for an intense several hours, than it is to drink and be hung over–for 4 days. It really, really has helped me through the past 8 or whatever months now after–every time I want to drink, I have that slip to weigh it against, to ask myself, do I really want to feel like that again? You got this.

  2. I just started …day 6 …scared …tomorrow is my birthday , another excuse to drink but I already told my boyfriend I would not drink…He said just have one glass of wine, dear him for he knows I can’ t handle just one glass…I can ‘ t have , won ‘ t have just one glass I NEED TWO THOUSAND GLASSES AND THEN SOME…so i’ m on little day six , tired of hurting myself and the ones I love…Lex You are a fighter , the longer you go without , the more you will enjoy being free and the more you gonna become ADDICTED TO FREEDOM !!Let ‘ s go girls !!

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