Standing up for what is my me..

Listen, no one is perfect. I have reminded my self this over and over.. I fall and stumble and crash and burn.. But thru it all I dust off and start right back up.. Not where I left off or the same way I started before, but I do start a new.. I deserve to succeed at being sober.. It is going to suck at times and hurt, and I will see clear truths.. Yes I will.. But I will fight.. I have it here in my soul.. My lowest low is not any lower or higher than yours.. I never hurt anyone or got arrested.. But this shit is mine.. Yup.. I can hurt and be sad that too is mine.. I am a soul I search of peace and quiet..

13 thoughts on “Standing up for what is my me..

  1. There is no judgement here……. No one who has been on the same journey shall judge…. The human race needs to learn not to judge anyone on their path of life. You are strong, smart and a beautiful person. You will find your way and we will be here to cheer you on! Hugs!

  2. That post just brought a huge smile to my face. Good for you … don’t let the b’s get you down. The greatest weapon we have in this fight is our own mind in my opinion. Anyway, just very well said 🙂

  3. Lex, check out alcohol mastery on you tube … I’m liking this guy. Another one I watched recently was so sad and that’s why I’ve been so angry for the past couple of days, forgive me. I’ll find it and post you the link. My lovely mum died from alcoholic liver disease …. I don’t want to follow in her footsteps because I know it really just wasn’t her … she was a proud hard working mum, so where does it go wrong? Looking back, I wonder how much support did she have from my dad? My dad is the bibs though, but how much was he really there I wonder? I’m a fifty four year old mum … that’s why I was sounding off before … hugs

  4. Yes, pick self up and dust off. No one is perfect. How is it we conveniently forget this? We judge ourself so harshly. Peace is an excellent thing to be in search of. I shall search for it too today, with the expectation of finding.

  5. From the title to the last sentence this is a relatable post.
    I understand the need and desire to “stand(ing) up for what is me”. In my case, I knew that what I was and had done while drinking was not what I wanted. Hence a change. That change led me to “search [for] peace and quiet” in a head that wouldn’t stop running. Lastly, “my low is not any higher or lower than yours” it is simply my low and if I am glad at all to have found it, it is because it allowed me to find my way here today.
    Thank you

  6. So with you. I keep falling down, too. I go a good run, then something clicks – and it’s not a good click, either. We both deserve it – we ALL deserve it. Keep going, we are worth it, and WE CAN DO THIS. Put one foot in front of the other. One step at a time. xo Hugs

  7. hang in there auntie lex! start over and over and one day you won’t be starting over because you will have figured it out.
    I won’t drink with you today. PP

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