Being grounded, greatful, and in good spirits…

not everyone in my world knows my struggles.. my sober cyber world yes.. I have found peace, friends and solace in sharing my experiences trying to become a strong sober person for me and my kiddos.. I need to stay near the ground.. I talk a lot about being in my sober bubble, and this thought very helpful for getting me thru tough times is not quite going to be reality forever.. I know that I need a reality check sometimes and I need to ask for help wether it be in my sobriety struggles or my family or my job for goodness sakes.. Staying near the ground and keeping my so easily wandering dreamer of a mind on the straight and narrow will help me to succeed in all of the above areas…  I actually canceled a party I was supposed to be having on Sunday due to sheer panic, organization, and no urgency to gather with the ladies pass cookies around and drink like idiots..  I have just returned from a trip and I am just not prepared.. And my job is very demanding at this time of year and I need to be well rested.. I do kids from 6 am to 6 pm and off to work till 10 or 11.. Ok.. could sound like excuses..  But I have told the ladies we are reschedualing in January and going to gather cookies and other treats up to send off to the troups and make it a focus giving party instaed of a glutonous giggle fest..

Ok.. that is the grounded part… Grateful.. I am grateful for the experiences and connections I am making on my journey.. I have gotten in touch with some really inspiring and helpful friends and this I don’t even know how I would do this otherwise…. Belle from Had started this journey for me.. and My options have become open-ended to make connections and read thru others similar experiences… Gracious.. Grace, Grateful…

Now this last one I need to keep out in the front of my mind.. Just to get thru the next couple of weeks.. I am struggling and dealing with depression, and an interesting part of my marriage, But I WILL NOT BE AN ASSHOLE GRINCH… I will snuggle with these girls and take them to see Santa and get excited about magical things so they have an amazeballz holiday… I also will smile and do my best at work… I think adding another color to my wardrobe besides black could help… Illl add a colorful scarf and start from her.. lololol..


Peace, and Joy to you and yours.. I am staying here.. I am sticking close.. I am not drinking today…


13 thoughts on “Being grounded, greatful, and in good spirits…

  1. Lex – This is hard for me to say but I’ve been dealing with some hard core depression, too. Its tough because I wasn’t prepared for it. I’ve been going through the ” what nows?” . Somedays its not as bad as others and I’ve been pushing through it but I’m definitely struggling with it. Keep the faith girlfriend. One more thing, if you happen to be cleaning the bathroom and break out into an “ugly cry” for no reason and its a Sunday afternoon and maybe you’re wearing the same PJs that you went to bed in on Friday night, do youself a favor and don’t look in the mirror. Its possible I knowva thing or two about that.

  2. I so very enjoy your posts.
    Your honesty, gratitude and hope are infectious. The time may be difficult now and may become more so but you have written with courage and strength that I hope you are proud of; you inspire me.
    Be well.

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