Breathe in, Breathe out and please f*%$ing repeat….

With this looming crazy week ahead of me I am trying to make sure my oxygen continues to flow freely.. I am past the week point and pushing for my hundred mofo days.. I am a little stressy, but this just means to chill and make sure first and foremost I just do not drink.. This is my task.. I just bumbled up my tree yesterday and threw out a few sparkly things for the kiddos to enjoy.. That is it that is all I cannot handle much more than that.. I will fold the occasional load of the looming 9,000 loads of laundry.. I do hope to get a little wrapping done before the big day.. but this is a tad bit of a trigger.. no worries though I have stocked up on all the bubbly water and pomegranate juice this sober gal can handle as well as the creamy loveliness of chai tea..

I will carry on with my regular annoyance of drinking husbands and whiny children, but alas ill do it all whilst sober..Β  This Christmas morning I am waking up stone cold sober with all fuzzy edges from too many cookies and yummy appetizers…Β  This is going to be my firs sober Christmas since I had #1 6 years ago.. that being said.. I am the binge drinker mom that drank the wine the night before because celebrating with dysfunctional family, or just stressed and annoyed wrapping gifts with no help what so ever from him..

Ok.. I am counting down the days that Jesus was born and we shower our children with gifts and love and magic.. it is 9 days to go.. this is a small feat.. I am going to not drink for all 9 of them.. you with me???



24 thoughts on “Breathe in, Breathe out and please f*%$ing repeat….

  1. Hell yes I’m with you! We can do this! I know it’s going to be hard with my husband drinking like fish, but I’m not. I kind of resent him for being able to drink, and I can’t. I’m trying to view it differently. I’m not missing out, I’m gaining so much! Just breath, right!

    • My husband also drinks, but he always first asks me if I mind. If I’m feeling a bit shakey, then he goes somewhere else in the house. HE can moderate his drinking. I would rather have no alcohol in the house, but he enjoys a scotch every now and again, and this is my battle–not his.
      Joan B.

  2. You can do this because when you have you will be super proud of yourself and if you didn’t then you would go back to doing it all anyway but feeling like crap about yourself too. This way you get to pat yourself on the back and so do we!
    Well done you

  3. everytime i get angry i see a glass of wine floating in front of my eyes with a cigarette …then I just sit there fuming and that vision goes away…again…

  4. everytime I get angry I see a glass of wine floating in front of my eyes and a cigarette…then I just sit there fuming and that vision goes away …again.

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