New year? Really?? New me?

Ok I’m secretly inspired by this New Years resolution thing.. I’ve never done it. I’ve always had a hard time sticking with anything.. I’m like an A.D.D. Whirling dervish twirling around to accomplish all this that is good and become extremely exhausted and delirious and give up after a half assed try.. Don’t get me wrong, I give everything my all.. But I try to do everything, and this is the issue.. Loose weight, clean out the clutter, quit drinking, work on my marriage, do better at work, do more one on one with the littles.. Seriously it goes on like this day to day, and something’s got to give. I’m sure you can guess anything that has to do with taking care of me goes out the window first.. Exhaustion, three kids, eat like shit.. Exhaustion stressful work and marriage and 3 kids, drink like an asshole… So on and so on…
So in this absolutely ridiculous pattern looking as an outsider in I want to shake myself.. SLOW THE FUCK DOWN! Take care of you first! You will be able to take care of much more in life if you start with you.. Stop the fucking drinking cycle.. Go get some sleep.. Drink lots of water and seriously do this and. Repeat.. Your clutter and marriage, and thighs will still be there.. Take care of me, and those amazeballz littles.. The rest will come, or not.. Just stay here..
Here’s to 2014… A sober safe and sound you and me!

16 thoughts on “New year? Really?? New me?

  1. The only resolution I’m making – and it usually involves giving something up – is I’m going to be kinder to me. Here’s to a sober safe and sound 2014! 🙂 xx

  2. Same here! I launch into an all-out attack on everything I hate about me and my life. I exhaust myself, decide that it’s either all or nothing, and quit. You’re right – from the outside it looks nuts. And from the inside it feels nuts. So why do we continue like that?

    Fortunately, illness has taught me to slow down (no choice) and focus on what’s important. I wish I could have learned these things long ago. But I’m stubborn and there was really no other way 🙂 I hope for you a wonderful new year of moderation and contentment. And thin thighs too 🙂

  3. Me too! Don’t drink! De-clutter! Get rid of stuff you don’t need….like headaches, fatigue, hangovers, fuzziness, hangover feedings!

    And all that other stuff you don’t need.

    Happy new year and a great start on a sober life!

  4. Bless you for starting this too
    I’m on day two
    Annoyed as f**k and highly irritated but keen to get through it.
    Have touched based with belle as well at tired of thinking about drinking but its nice to have someone just a step ahead of me : )
    Will try and start with 100 days sober toot toot
    Will write more soon
    Today’s not the day for it

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