Well, Hello there sober girl….

Nine days later here I am.. I am sober.. more sober than I have been in some time.. It feels like that feeling you get right after you have had a great workout, or when you are on vacation and you have been walking and exploring for the whole day.. Like exfuckingzausted and happy and dizzy all at once?? Yes, that is what I am feeling.. I am not sure when the last time I have really gave my all to being sober like this.. I am not dim in that I know there will be some shitty times to come.. I also know to expect cravings.. For now I am dizzy happy.. I have started closer research on AA.. I am getting to meetings when I can.. I could use an extra set of hands during the day so I can go more often but for now Monday and Fridays will have to do..

I am regrouping.

I have come to sleeping a lot..

I am eating more than usual, but I know things will even out..

for now simply staying sober.. what more can a girl ask for??



14 thoughts on “Well, Hello there sober girl….

    • I’m not sure I’m ready to call it pink clouds.. But singing and dancing to Aretha Franklin at 7 am with Littles and donating time at they’re school Sans hangover is really fucking beautiful.. Xo

  1. Hi Lex! I just found your blog and am at a similar place in sobriety AND I too have a mint green plastic Savoy camera! How crazy is that? What a beautiful illustration–did you do it?
    Yes dizzy happy time! Just getting to know ourselves for the first time in years. And the actual real pleasures in life! Who knew? Like reading and sleeping instead of passing out.

    • Omg.. No I’m not responsible for the camera.. Lol.. But I thought it was a perfect way to look at myself and see what and how and all the other stuff.. I am excited for all the sleep that is happening.. It’s also easy because where I live it’s cold and dark and nothing good happens for me after 10 pm.. So I might as well go with the kids at 8.. Let’s do this dizzy thing together.. I don’t mind emailing if your interested.. Xo.. Herez to sober Friday’s..

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