You know, Moms who drink, Moms who are drinking, Moms who used to drink, Moms that are drunk…

So waking up this morning I see on a Mom group that I belong to on Face Book A group of ladies some from my #1 and #2 school are gathering for a “play date” this morning at 9 am…. They have some babies or littles the same age as my #3 (shes 3)… Any hoo… The pics being posted are of tables and counters filled with bloody mix, fixins and Vodka.. Each mom brought a bottle of wine to share of pass or what the fuck ever… Now believe you me 2 years ago when My #3 was little and I was not as “far gone” so to speak.. I would have been there.. let all kids run rampant and play and get loaded.. Yes I admit that.. but in the past 2 years my drinking became more private, more secret if you will.. I preferred staying at home and glamorizing the thought of drinking cold white goblets on the patio with friends letting kids play or hanging out with Hub and drinking at the end of a torturous day…. This is what I was BELIEVING I was doing.. But in reality every 2-4 days I was tieing one on and getting wasted just enough to numb (black) out and drift like a ghost of me, to bed..

Whoa.. I was just going to talk about the moms on FB not got that far into detail.. But I suppose I am over-thinking a lot and trying to “decide” if AA is right for me, and Picking apart my habits and looking for any reason I am not a mommy alcoholic.. With that said.. It feels good to say I have had more sober days than drunk in the past 6 months.. I am struggling fuck yes I am.. I feel like I am being set up on one of those reality shows and any min Belle or Some Host is going to pop out with a TV crew and say… “See you are just a Boozer!” Bla…

What this really is, is me being brutally honest.. Step 1, Right.. Admitting is the first step… And besides all that I know I am allergic to booze.. I do not drink like anyone I know, I could compare all day to these women on FB or at a party or online or what ever, the truth is I am an alcoholic, and do I want to lead that guilt stricken, lonely, hurting, sick life??? Or do I want to be the Sexy Sober Mommy of three crazy girls at the party living life to the fullest…

Ha… Do I have to really answer that.. I choose #2…:)

So in honer of the CYBER SOBER CULT that I belong to, I posted this to just see if I get any sort of reaction…….

Lets be sober today.. Lets be sexy and healthy and strong, Ok???



5 thoughts on “You know, Moms who drink, Moms who are drinking, Moms who used to drink, Moms that are drunk…

  1. This is wonderful! 🙂
    I have those thoughts all the time when I see pictures of friends “going out” who I thought had the same drinking habits as, and I wonder if AA is *reallly* right for me. But I think your outlook is beautiful and I agree– I think I rather be the sexy sober friend who is actually enjoying and soaking in every moment of the evening than who I was when I was drinking.
    Keep it up! and thank you for that morning inspiration 🙂

  2. I can’t imagine if I was a stay at home or PT mom when my kiddies were little….. I prob would of had a play date cocktail too….. I’m so over the moderation game it’s no fun- I want to be the cool sober mom everyone looks up too- I loved this article by Stefanie! I have a feeling we will see a new trend the next 5 years of more sober mommas!

  3. Great blog. I always (it has happened many times) feel guilty when I slip from my sobriety quest. Your statement that you have many more sober days than drunk ones in the last few months is really looking at the “glass half full.” That made me feel better about my less-than-perfect record.

  4. Thank you so much! Great post. It’ hard to see how social and acceptable drinking is when I know that i don’t drink like others. My first thought reading this was wow, that sounds crazy, but see I bet those moms would be sipping on their drinks, I would be guzling and passed about noon!

    And I think anyone trying out AA has the same feelings, it took me a while to feel comfortable in the rooms. But I have met many sober moms, and have sober play dates, and that is awesome because you know, being a mom is tough! And getting sober is tought to. But it’s all easier when we have eachother to lean on!

    Hugs. Keep moving forward!

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