Two, 2, to, too

Day two,. Meeting two down… It was much better and comfier than last night.. I felt like an alien last night.. I need to remember to keep centered and grounded and just do the basics.. I have a tendency to get all jacked up on overwhelm, and chaos… Lex, remember your life is chaos enough.. You have three littles and a drinking husband and a house to “try” to keep up with and a job where people depend on you.. Today that is enough.. I do not need booze to make it worse.. My happiness is not on the bottom of a bottle.. It is somewhere in my heart… Me, my, mine…. All hard words, but needed…
I asked for help… I asked for a temp sponsor… Whew


7 thoughts on “Two, 2, to, too

  1. Good for you for getting a sponsor. It is so nice to have someone to help you. They can relate to your feelings, and give great advice. You are doing great, stay strong!! 🙂

  2. I’ll pass on the same advice I give to anyone new to the path “Don’t drink, go to meetings”… the rest will follow in time. They say… “But what about…” “Don’t drink and go to meetings.” “However, my boss/hubby/wife/child/mother…” “Don’t drink and go to meetings”… Sorry if that isn’t inspiring but those are the basics it will get better and you can walk the full path but first… (you know what’s coming don’t you?)… “Don’t drink and go to meetings”
    Good luck – just think at meetings all over the world today people will be asked to “think of the suffering alcoholic” – that is you they are thinking of you even if they never know you … use that energy to get through

  3. Just sending over a little love and letting you know you are in ALL my good thoughts. Keep talking, keep looking for the solution. YOU will find it. Promise. xox Lisa

  4. Congratulations! You’ve already made the biggest step. I am day 16 into AA and it’s helping me. Just by hearing the stories they share, getting to support they have and encouragement has help me so much. You’re a good mother to think of your kids! My mother died from Alcoholism at the age of 41. She was a fifth of vodka a day drinking and the doctors told her to stop or she would die. She didn’t and she did and I wish she would have taken the steps you are today for your little ones. They will forever love you for it and I hope you continue with your progress. I lived a really rough life and like to share my stories to help others overcome their current situations. I hope you find the love in your heart again and that it gives you the strength to continue down this beauty journey back to ourselves!



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