Day 5 and alive… A change gon come….

I made a cupa with out the mug under the Kurieg, I ate two hot dogs and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.. I smoked a few too many cigs than I wanted, I ignored the crumbs on the floor, I played outside, I got at least 6 hour a sleep a night..  I have been living in a place where kids are the most important part of the day when Hub thinks drinking is the most important part of the night, I am breathing, I am semi smiling, I am preparing a 6 year old birthday and secretly,  the best gift she is getting is a sober Mommy,  I am going to a huge appointment tomo (actual birthday) to discuss treatment options.. I have nothing to hide.. I have been binge drinking for 20 (holy fuck) some  years.. I am an alcoholic.. I hate being an alcoholic.. I can change this.. I have the power to be exactly who I wish and deserve to be.. I am prepared to make big adjustments and prove to Wolfie that I am boss. This is my time to shine.. I am good enough, I am strong enough and if people don’t like it Fuck them.. I am sober.. Serenity, Love and Light and all that shtuff..



6 thoughts on “Day 5 and alive… A change gon come….

  1. There aren’t even words. Just a big hug from me to you. Happy Birthday tomorrow and for the little one too. You are correct … sober is the best gift we give our kids. You can do this! Hugs and such, Lisa

  2. listening to your beautiful song and getting goosebumps.

    “It’s been a long time coming, but I know my change has got to come…”

    happy birthday dear Lex and good luck at your appointment today! will be thinking of you xxxx

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