nothing to hide.. this is for me, right???

so it is true.. i am an alcoholic.. i am allergic.. there is no just one drink for me.. im an all or nothing gal and need to never stray from this or i will die.. i will sink in to a deep dark hole of terrible nothingness.. i drank last night.. like without any thought to stop myself other wise.. i feel like a piece of shit… i am a piece of shit.. what kind of mother am i to just drink at night alone????? who do i think i am?????

6 thoughts on “nothing to hide.. this is for me, right???

  1. hey there Lex… keep on keeping on. keep that tool kit handy and use those shiny new tools till their handles feel warm and familiar when you take them out of the box, huh?! xx

  2. Dear Lex, you will get it. We are all you. You are us. You are on the right road, however bumpy and twisting (wanted to use a better vocabulary word, but would’ve had to check the spelling ). It takes practice.

    This quote from Samuel Beckett sticks in my mind. It helped me. Lots of things have helped me. Reading your blog, although I don’t do anything regularly enough, helped me.

    All of old. Nothing else ever. Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    I’m with you. Hang in there.

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