And freedom begins with me..

Friends, it’s so face slapping apparent that this “new way to sobriety ” begins with me and the work I’m going to put into it.. Treatment so nice, and intense and raw was exactly what I needed.. And in a perfect world I would have stayed there for a month or three to get passed the surface scratching of my addiction and past and fucked up everything.. Now my dear ones, im alone in this world to continue this path on my own.. To dig deep and find strength and fight demons of my past and self.. Structure my days in a different fashion.. I cannot be bored and alone in scary thoughts and feelings , I must keep my sobriety my top priority… I am in this to win this.. 30 days sans wine and any other type of booze.. For now I am digging deep and praying I get into a groove…


9 thoughts on “And freedom begins with me..

  1. so well done so far – you must be proud on yourself. for now – stay strong (but soft on yourself) and surround yourself with all that helps.
    xx (day 27)

  2. 30 days is wonderful lex…
    you can do this, i know because i did and countless others have, it’s possible.
    stay strong, keep at your meetings, get a sponsor, work the steps….
    you have a lot of supper here!

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