There’s that. 

I drank. I hate it. It does not work any longer.. Not sure if it ever did. 

9 thoughts on “There’s that. 

  1. Drinking doesn’t work ad you’re right, it probably never did. It’s a deceptive liar. Sorry you’re in the dumps but know it can get better.

    • Wait.. Hit send.. After years and years of trying to keep it working it only looses its power, and takes over my power.. I have to find the spark inside that needs to be fed to fire me up.. I hate booze

      • I can sympthasise with because I’ve been there. It used to work for me too a long, long time ago but then the booze switch in my brain got faulty and once it’s broken, it can’t be fixed again. Once I removed the booze, everything fell into place but most importantly, finally stopped hating myself so much. It’s not easy in the beginning but the rewards are worth it, you deserve to treat yourself well.

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