Day 2.. 1.2.16

The on and off agains are no longer workin… I’m not done here yet.  Regroup. Reorganize sober tool box.. Tell someone (other than hub who could give a fuck (a long story for another day)).. Insomnia, sick tummy.. Calm.. Exhausted..  Ready to have some fucking courage And gather up what I know works and leave the rest.. Reinvent myself within a wonky marriage.. Love my self again.. Slow and steady.  Fight the good fight.


(Yes I feel crazy)


4 thoughts on “Day 2.. 1.2.16

  1. Good luck – One thing I will say, when in 2004 I ended up sitting in the first group at the rehab that I’d checked into there was a discussion about someone who was leaving and about where they were going to live as their partner no longer wanted anything to do with them. That started a thought process which was that I’d be best off out of the marriage for her, the kids and for me. Somehow though I went back home at the end of my stint there as she clearly wasn’t giving up on me and our “wonky marriage”…. we celebrated 30 years together last year, the last 11 of which I’ve not drunk. It will be different for you but just a carrot to dangle that it is possible to rebuild a marriage from active alcoholism.

  2. Hi Lex, I hope you are feeling less crazy. New Year does that I think. I’ve been struggling for a few months after being 70 days sober back in Sept/Oct. Now I’m back to Day 3. I’ve been trying to get some long term sobriety for nearly 6 years now and sometimes I despair that it will never happen, but drinking is too hard, too painful (mentally and physically) and too time consuming. I don’t want to live behind a filter, so I’m trying again…. As you said ‘fight the good fight’. Take care, Suzy x

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