Winds of Change…

Alas I’m here.  Continue to reach as hard as I can for support outlets.  *as I remove the bug from my coffee and take the first sip regardless*  Today I’m sober. Today I’ve been for a few days but not counting right now has just seemed to work in my favor.

There’s an upheaval in chaos here and building up to it was really fucking hard.. My heart was bashed and broken and I was holding my family together as tight as I could all while watching the man I fell in love with 15 years ago giving up on himself.   His illness got the best if him and he was doing what all of us do to “forget” and adding too much booze to the mix of illness and pills and weak organs.

Well he’s home. There’s more but enough for now..


Now im up.watching the sunrise and removing bugs from coffee.. Getting ready to accomplish some shit and love myself today..


No clue where I’m going but I do know today I’m sober, I love myself a little bit more,  I have a huge support network and friends and family who love me.. And 3 of the most amazing little girls who are my reason, my tribe, my soul..



And that’s pretty ok for today. .





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