I’m still here! 

Day 110 I believe. I’ll fill in tomorrow 




13 thoughts on “I’m still here! 

  1. I stopped blogging almost 2 years ago but for some reason I thought of you today. I glad to see that you’re well.

    • Funny how the universe works.. I keep coming back and writing a sentence and for some reason unable to finish a post.. doing well is right hope your the same❤️

  2. I knew you were there, you are not going to fool me..
    By the way can I give you a kiss in the neck of your gravatar….kind of scary really,
    I can get electrocuted with this shitty computer.
    Anyways any hows I have two house….sorry, it just went off, the mind,
    in the behind and I´m that cool.
    What was it I was going to tell you?……got it, kiss in the neck and another one
    in that tatto you have in the leg. Deal is sealed? Even it is not I still will do it so
    you have no choice

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