With age I become.. 

The have been so many year of my life chasing something or someone.. now at 38 I can see that it was not a waste , but ground work to the woman I Am and always knew exsisited. I would tell that lonely little girl chasing boys, and the next high that you are 100% worthy of exactly what is good and right.. not some bullshit hangover or asshole one night stand or fake picture of what someone made you feel. No you get to choose and you deserve it all. 

Confidence and Sobriety and love, lust, health, brains, a career you love.. you get it all because you deserve it. 

Maybe slowly maybe quickly.. no matter it starts within.. 


3 thoughts on “With age I become.. 

  1. Don’t lie, your age is 28 and by the way in the in the highway…. damn, I am that one night stand.
    So here is the deal, I’m still thinking about this, and I’ m no Romeo, but what’s with you girls also?l
    The last time i checked these girls just want to frankly fuck me and then i go out the door. So in some situations it goes both ways, or actually it goes the way the woman wants, she wants me and …… well I’m not gonna say no.

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