I’m ok, really.. 

My head may explode from all the honesty and reality.. But I won’t drink or use.. I’m tired and when I’m not I’m to busy to get stuff done.. Again I won’t drink or use over it..  I have had to simplify everything in my life including excusing myself from travels, parties and my last job.. Not even thinking about drinking over this… My marriage is a bit of an upheaval, no mind numbing drinks or drugs needed here…   There are days when I can’t tell you if I’m coming or going, if it’s day or night… Still, staying sober… I’m often lonely or bored or sad or pissed or just straight up overwhelmed… Sober yet… 

I wondered when I’d feel like this.. I guess it’s today.. I am about ready to wrap up a 6 or so week treatment thingy and will be back to reality before I know it and I’m ready to face the music..




5 thoughts on “I’m ok, really.. 

  1. Just doing some catch-up reading with you. How fabulous – towards 180 days. That’s a remarkable, wonderful achievement and I’m so very happy for you!

    ‘Content’ is a wonderful, wonderful word and it pays to remind ourselves how very lucky we are when we can use it to describe a state of mind. It’s such a good place to be.

    You are proving yourself in battle….and showing such strength. And growth. I’m very happy for you.

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