Slogans and sitting in shit. 

   The slogans and sayings around the tables of AA sometimes just straight up piss me off or make no sense to me.  Restless irritable and discontent. I’ve heard it over and over in meetings. I never once connected. .  

   Today it’s on repeat over and over in my head..  Must. Pull. Out. Tools.. getting out of my head seems impossible today.. I know sobriety is not all pink clouds and orgasims.. I understand completely that life sucks at times.. Nothing is perfect..  I certainly am not perfect. So I’ll sit.. breathe and meditate a bit.. 

I’m just unhappy. No matter I won’t drink..  I’m allowed to be sad… 




14 thoughts on “Slogans and sitting in shit. 

  1. A lot of people, myself included never enjoyed AA in the sense of it helping me/us. It’s just religion wrapped in another social wrapper. Studies show that AA isn’t proven as a method of treatment and many that attend AA end up drinking again. It’s not just you. We have been in those meetings and understand the unwritten rules.

    There’s going to come a day when you look forward to another, shitty, awful, sober day – What lies behind the pain your going through is what pushes you even further. Unlocking more mysterious distractions of drink will reveal the strength you are building now by suffering in these moments. The more you face sober is another moment of strength you can celebrate.

    Don’t give in to the distraction call of the drink – we believe in you!

  2. I understand if you have never encountered someone who is suffering from the underlying affliction that leads to abuse of alcohol and isn’t going to meetings or staying spiritually fit it would not make sense, that it doesn’t connect. When you do, however, meet someone who is truly a dry drunk it will connect it’s not a slogan they are the symptoms of unfitness

  3. Meditation is a great reliever. Hear what you mean about the shitty days. We’ll get through this, tomorrow’s another day.
    Love and sober hugs
    From New Zealand 🦋💙🌏🌴

      • Quite seral meeting, and right now I’m going with the Marrocans and buy some weed, wich in my mind is better than alcohol, wich I have been drinking since 8 a.m, I should not say this outloud specially to an addict, but is not me who is speaking, well sort off, is me and the wine wich can intertwine, hopefully I don;t get into a fight but who knows.

      • Do you know I had a great conversation with the police 15 or so minutes ago, the idiots know who I am, what I have done, and actually they know my blog, wich that was interesting. So happy go lucky police, plus it also seems who my parents are, and know that i have been puching and being punched by the stupid Marrocans, so any movement I do they know. And I had no idea, that is my fear.

  4. You’re on the right track. Keep coming back.

    I was pretty angry in early sobriety. I think it was because I was angry when I was drinking. When I sobered up, I was just angry without the alcohol. Lol.

    It’s all good. I found good things in my life through step work. I believe almost anyone that makes an honest effort to work the steps will see an improvement in their life.

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