I’m giving a shout-out to the cobwebs.

The shit I did is done.

The wrong decisions, places, people happened.

I can’t go back and warn that younger version of me.. I just acknowledge and love her and accept the past…

If it weren’t for her and all she’s seen and done I would not get the opportunity to meet me, as I am right now.

The hurt will heal and some will not. I will breathe and live and survive.  I can allow the Energies that Be to swallow up anything I cannot handle before me and guide me right.  I feel safe.. More content than I could ever imagine.. It’s not necessarily the situation it’s the vessel and my spirit.. 

I have a smile in my pocket. Today I can choose to wear it or save it for later..

Today I’m ok..



10 thoughts on “I’m giving a shout-out to the cobwebs.

  1. This is lovely, inspiring even. What if? This blog is something I’ll think about and write about, obviously from my own perspective. Are decisions ever wrong? Is our path pre-planned? I really love these thoughts.

    • Our path. pre planned or not are just that, “Our Paths”.. This question can play maj mind games with me so being in this day, moment what ever helps me BE.

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