It’s over..

I do not want to miss you…

Your messages are twisted.. You lift me up, I feel high and you kick me when the space in my head starts to believe it to be true..

Your a sexy monster who lives everywhere I look and the lines become a fog just when I think I can see..

I’ve lived in your shadow of lies, and lust..  The reality becomes dust..

I’ve given you everything.. My soul, my body, my mind…

In return I receive false hope.

Real hope, real peace, new life and light become slightly forgotten each time you show up..

There is a secret I have..  It is a new power.. You thought I am who I was but I am not.. 

I have a secret…  It’s not the secrets you helped create.. It is an ember that is burning in my heart… A secret key that has unlocked the real me..

I do not need you…  Want and need matter not, it’s how I DO from here on out.. I do not need you..  I need me… 

You’ve told me I was nothing without you.. You gave me a false sense of okayness that was wrapped up in smoke.. Poison.. You are poison..

A vice.


Unable to be real.

Unable to love me like I love me..

I don’t miss you.. I am not ashamed of all you had me do.. I see no reason to sit in your glimmering goblet of shit..  

It is actually you that will miss me.. You will miss many others like me because you are not true.. 

It’s true I wouldn’t be anywhere without you.. I would not have gotten the gift of finding me if I hadn’t met you..  I would not have found honesty, and forgiveness and reality if you hadn’t held me down so tight..

This is not props to you.. No.. It is not goodbye.. I know you will be lonely and bored and show up when I least expect..

I will be ready.. I do not need you..

I need me. 


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