This is me. It’s my place.. I’m a Mother, Wife, artist, music loving/terrible dancer.. I am a people pleaser, in need of being pleased, a soul traveler, trying to make my way to clarity… I am a taking it one day at a time, letting it lo letting God kind of a gal.. I am learning about the process… I am finding new ways to let out the new me… Me, that drinks… She is fading away… I am a strong willed know what it takes kind of a person… Just organizing thoughts and figuring all this out…


9 thoughts on “Me

  1. Love your about me, it’s raw and heart felt. I see some coping mechanisms that are similar to mine but my voice is not yet strong enough to let it out just yet. This blog is helping me to let out that lions roar that is so close. I love that you’re an artist, mine is painting, I’m no good, but I’m good enough for myself, and that’s all that matters to me, (now).

    • Thank you… I am always changeling my “inner artist”.. And I have to laugh at myself often… Right now I’m into glittering everything… I have 3 little girls who enjoy my ever changing masterpieces… I struggle with coping daily… I am just searching for some inner peace…

      • Maybe the 3 little girls are pieces of you that are meant to heal you….be them as you play with and you will find that self-love that will never end and never go away, and that will bring you inner peace and the coping mechanism(s) you might not like hopefully will cease over time…..will be interested in your journey…

      • This is so true… They are my saving graces… I am so blessed in having them, now I need to be my best sober self to show them the way in this world.. Thank you for the kind words..

      • I grew up with an alcoholic mother and have suffered at her hands. It wasn’t until adulthood that I was able to recognize her “stuff” and not treat it as my stuff…but let me be clear, she also suffers from many other things that prob includes things from childhood. I only share this with you, because you have the chance to change each day you wake up. Recognizing that you can’t do it by yourself will be your first self-awareness moment and I pray you get there. We are all walking wounded. That will be the greatest gift you will ever give to your beautiful girls….your art will be your therapy along with blog and hopefully a counselor confident in which you can share your inner most thoughts and feelings…that will be your defining moment….I may have overstepped my line but I don’t believe that anything happens by chance and people are connected for a reason…..
        A good read for you to see from the outside in : Little Miss Perfect from one of my blog. You should be able to get it on amazon cheap…. Peace, love and blessings surround you during this difficult journey.

      • You have not overstepped any boundary’s.. .. that is what this blog thinggy is all about.. we are all looking for something.. mine happens to be sobriety.. and ill take any advice I can get on the way.. Ironically i am starting some talk therapy on monday.. I left for a long time.. I was not being honest with myself and that was than hard to be honest with them.. this is all good stuff, and thank you for looking out.. having a hard time finding a cheap version of that book.. but will keep looking.. thank you again…

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